Company Background

Prestige & Country Homes are passionate about property and provide an honest, reliable and hard-working service to our clients. The relationship and trust we afford, combined with intimate local knowledge, sets us apart from our competitors.
We feel we offer our clients the optimum service due to our specialised, custom built, marketing strategy, in addition to our innovative and dynamic commitment and attention to detail. We provide ‘old fashioned’ service using ‘hi-tech’ tools. We are extremely proud of our relationship with our previous clients who are more than comfortable recommending us as they know that our word is our bond.
You can find us on the high calibre property portals, we can also be followed on Facebook and Instagram where we are happy to respond to any questions you may have.
Prestige & Country Homes offers a real service to real people. (original text to replace)

Prestige and Country Homes is based on the simple but elusive concept that the better we know our clients and property locations, the more considerate and innovative we can be in providing our service. We are passionate about matching people with the property that’s right for them and pride ourselves on delivering this through an honest, reliable and dedicated service based on over 18 years of experience that has maintained a valued reputation for impeccable attention to detail.


Our Mission is to provide you with the service that you want, in a friendly, efficient,and professional manner and to make the moving process as stress free as possible. We are dedicated to making your property moving experience whether selling or buying, one to be remembered as pleasurable.

‘To deeply commit to cultivating and nurturing strong, authentic relationships with all our clients based on respect, trust and genuine care. Therefore, ensuring a fully bespoke, considered service to every client, enriched with insightful personal touches creating memorable moments and relationships to last a lifetime. We believe, that by centring our services around an in-depth understanding of our client’s personal preferences and requirements, we are able to provide a home move experience as smooth and hassle free as possible that shall always be remembered with a smile.’

Deep Dive into Our Values

“If people believe they share values with a company,
they will stay loyal to the brand.”
Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks


24/7 Unlimited Support – Any time, any day, we are here for you.
We understand diligently providing regular updates and open communication is essential in ensuring queries don’t have time to become worries. You can call any time, day or night, and your call will be answered by a friendly voice ready to answer your questions when they arise.

Service with Integrity – Always have the courage to be our best selves and do the right thing.
Whether you are selling or buying your home, you will be cared for and treated with the same consideration. Whilst we make it our mission to present every property in its best light by highlighting their unique features and characteristics, our integrity lies in the honest advice and support we provide to address any minor improvements or repairs that would benefit both parties and elevate the transaction as a whole.

Personal, Dedicated Support – One relationship built on trust and commitment.
We promise that you will only have one person at your service to communicate with, getting to know you and your requirements. No ‘middle men’, no ‘passing on messages.’ We are very grateful to our highly skilled team who work behind the scenes to allow us to directly cultivate strong connections with all clients, providing customised solutions and a boutique service based on a friendly, familiar face and personal accountability to you.

Empathy over Ego – We take time to understand from every client’s personal point of view.
Every client has different requirements, needs and wishes and we take great care to understand these in order to best serve each and every one. Moving home is the close / opening of a chapter in your life and we believe your story in each home begins with the first step in your new home until to final drive away from your previous and we are here for every step in between.

Break the Mould – Perseverance to exceed expectations, delightfully surprising through memorable little touches.
Remembering our service with a smile is at the heart of all that we do. We take pride in going that extra mile with thoughtful consideration to all details to ensure your move is as memorable as possible for all the right reasons. All requests are welcome to transform what is usually considered as a stressful event in life, into one filled with special moments to look back on for years to come.

Support local businesses – Commitment to maintaining a positive, integral role within the communities we work and live within.
It is not only our relationship with each client we hold dear, but also the relationships with local businesses, expanding our network to support our clients and local communities by helping local businesses to thrive is where we show our gratitude to our own roots and beginnings. We continuously seek to build further relationships with local businesses who share similar values to best serve our clients and communities.

Make dream homes come true – Remain authentic to our mission to ‘make dream homes come true’
We value that what makes a house a ‘home’ is different for all and see it as our duty to ask the right questions to make this happen for you. We also understand that the circumstances in which homes are found can be vastly different and with our mindfulness to give back, helping the homeless find their dream homes is a cause we are tenaciously passionate about. Through this we are a proud supporter of Barnabus homeless charity. We genuinely believe it’s nice to be nice.