I have always worked in customer service, my 1st job at 15 years old was working for Ex Burnley Fc footballer Peter Noble on his market sports stall. I loved it, Peter and the family were lovely to work for and really looked after me. I knew then I liked working with the public and helping people was a magical feeling.

After I had been to college a couple of times my Dad got me a job working for Magnet Ltd as a trade counter salesperson. This was a fantastic opportunity and I was given the job as I was honest in the interview and confessed I had absolutely no knowledge, but I would work hard, and I was prepared to learn.

I took to the role like a duck to water, I was quite a well-known person in Burnley and had lots in common with a lot of the joiners and builders that used to come in for the joinery products, I soon built up strong relationships with them and the sales figures were up year on year for the 3 years I was there.

Magnet were a brilliant company to work for and I did lots of in house and external training courses including business management and eventually progressed to Branch Manager & kitchen designer as a joint role. I had various promotions with Magnet with a highlight working in central Manchester. I had some fantastic area managers that supported me, and I really felt they had my back. The HR Manager was a lady called Lisa Wright and she pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me develop skills I never knew I had; I will be forever grateful for this. There is a saying “If you look after your staff you don’t need to worry about your customers” this was how I felt working for Magnet.

The process of customers coming into the showroom for the 1st time and listening to what they wanted then developing their ideas into reality of a brand-new kitchen in their home. I always had to fully project manage the job liaising with tradespeople to ensure the customers were very happy with the result.
I then had aspirations to get into property, I was lucky enough to be taken on with a national company as a valuer, after a couple of years I went to an independent agency in Ramsbottom.
It was during this time that in my head Prestige & Country Homes was born.

I dealt with a couple of celebrities who were looking to purchase properties we had for sale. Due to the fact that they were on TV at that time they asked if they could deal with me direct on my mobile and not be calling the office.

I loved the job so much that them calling me on a Sunday or in the evening wasn’t a problem because I didn’t feel like it was work – it was so enjoyable.

I knew then…..
I loved property &
I loved helping people……

A good analogy is if you like cars you like looking at nice cars – I like looking at nice Properties…..

This was the start of a brilliant business idea.

Since then I have had various property roles and each and every one has been a lesson in what parts I need to take into Prestige & Country Homes and what will definitely be put in the bin.

I am also a qualified Mortgage Consultant, but I don’t practice this, although this is valuable experience when listening to where clients are in the process of affordability. I decided in 2019 that it was now or never. I had everything mapped out as I had been working on the business idea for the past 8 years behind the scenes.

Now this is a reality I am absolutely privileged to work in this business on a daily basis. I have never been a crowd follower and always liked to be different, I’m no different in business.

I have spent the last year networking and building up strong relationships with other businesses that we can collaborate with. There’s not much in life we achieve on our own so to have a good strong team around you is crucial to be successful.

Myself & Sabrina have the same business drive and philosophy. We go to extraordinary lengths to ensure the journey our customers go on is enjoyable and memorable for all the right reasons.

We also have lots of synergy whereas we can bring a new level of service to our client.